Steps to Bariatric Surgery

Step 1

Attend a seminar at St. Thomas Rutherford’s Bariatric Center. Click here for the seminar schedule.

Step 2

Complete the Patient Questionnaire portion of the packet. The entire packet must be completed in full and faxed to (615) 396-5700.

Step 3

Go see your medical doctor for the following:

  • Physical exam and clearance for bariatric surgery
  • 1 office note per year with weights for five years, depending on your insurance requirements.
  • 3-6 month weight loss program with PCP or Dietitian, if required by your insurance company.
  • Letter of Medical Necessity
  • Lab work: CBC, CMP, Iron, Ferritin, Vitamin D, PTH
  • Cardiac/Pulmonary clearance letters from specialist if this applies to you.

Step 4

Schedule a Psychological and Nutritional evaluation.

Psychologic Evaluation:
Athena Consulting 615.962-9064
Dr. Lisa Webb and Dr. Kenith Robins Psychologist 615.310.1491
Elysse Beasley Senior Psychological Examiner 615.896.9160

Step 5

Attend a support group at St. Thomas Rutherford’s Bariatric Center. Dates are available online.

Step 6

Contact the Bariatric Insurance Specialist Alicia (615.396.4965) to ensure all the necessary paperwork has been received. Once received, Susan Johnson (615.867.1940) will contact you for your consult with Dr. Rich or Dr. Westmoreland.

Step 7

Once approved, Alicia or Catherine will schedule a Pre-Operative class at St. Thomas Rutherford’s Bariatric Center. Someone from our office will contact you for your weigh in appointment with the surgeon.

Click here to download a patient checklist to help you keep up with your steps and the progress made toward getting your bariatric surgery.

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